Friday, December 11

Brody Edward Truss: 8 Months

My coworker Jenna has the cutest little guy ever: Brody Edward Truss. Each month a picture of Brody would arrive on my desk and I kept telling Jenna that we could take these pictures for her each month. She finally decided to give in and let us take Brody's pictures. Between Dain and myself, we took a ton of shots of Brody since he was such a good baby. He just sat there and did whatever we wanted him to do and talked, aka babbled, to us while we snapped away. It was hard to decided which pictures to post but here are a few of my favorites of Jenna's little man :)

Wednesday, December 9

Yaun Family

Dain's Aunt Gloria asked if we would come take some pictures of her grandkids for this year's Christmas card pictures. These 3 little kids made for a very fun and interesting night. It was definitely our longest shoot to date. But after all was said and done I think we got some great pictures of the family. Here are a few shots that capture the best moments of the night!

Rankin Family

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking photos for Stara, Nick, Maddie, and Clayton. They were such a fun family and they were willing and able to do anything I asked of them. It was a beautiful fall day for great family photos. Here are a few of the best shots from our visit to Sweet-Allyn Park!