Monday, April 26

The Wonders of Winter

A few snow activities that brightened our winter.

Sunday, April 11

Snow Memories

Here are a few of our favorite shots from this past winter of some of our family! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 7

K & T Part II

You may remember these two faces from before when I made them take pictures last fall. This time Krysta asked for "winter" pictures. I must say that Tommy, or as I call him, THOMAS, is such a trooper. He puts up with a lot when it comes to my sister and I wanting a bazillion photos! Thanks Tommy for treating my sister like a princess. You are a great addition to the Smith Family.

Tuesday, April 6

Courtney & Colter

Jenni asked me to take pictures of her and her kids for their Christmas cards. It was so much fun to follow them around and take pictures of them just being silly and having fun...... typical kid stuff. I think these 2 are the cutest so it was hard to choose which shots to post! Here are a few shots from the day...... can you spot the photographer in the first shot? :)